Domain Name Privacy

Protect your personal details online

Domain Name PrivacyWhen you purchase a domain name, you need to provide genuine contact details. Spammers, direct marketers, and other third parties can access this information for their own purposes, leading to an increase in spam, junk mail, and sales calls.

Keep your information out of WHOIS

If you have a gTLD, your private information, including full name, email address, telephone number, address, and postcode are listed publicly for anyone to see when they look at your domain details.

Our Domain Privacy keeps your private information out of the public WHOIS database, protecting you for only an additional £10 a year. Adding this feature replaces your private information with the details of our Identity Protection Service, securing all of your personal details.

Domain Name Privacy

Cut down on spam while still allowing people to contact you

With your details protected from public directories, your email address won’t be picked up by spammers or direct marketers. If someone wants to get in touch with you, they still can through, our Domain Privacy point of contact. They can complete a form, and you’ll get their email with all the details.

Free domain privacy for .uk domain names

If you own any .uk domains, and you’re a non-trading individual, you do not have to pay for your Domain Privacy.

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