SiteGuardDaily virus & malware scanning

SiteGuard scans your entire website on a daily basis to check for known threats. This security solution ensures you’re aware of issues on your site before your visitors are affected or your reputation damaged.

SiteGuard scans your HTML for malware and viruses and checks if your website is blacklisted in Google, Yahoo and Bing, reporting back to you as needed. For all these features and much more, take a look below.

Protect your site today with SiteGuard

Quick & easy setup


Activate SiteGuard from your hosting control panel and start protecting your website straight away. There’s no software to install or maintain and no code to add to your site – SiteGuard is a fully hosted solution so it won’t slow your website down. We scan your HTML files daily for thousands of different threats, and send you an email alert if we find anything.

Protect your search engine rankings


Thousands of websites get blacklisted daily by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines because hackers have injected malware. Don’t run the risk of losing sales, damaging your reputation or infecting your visitors. In the same way you protect your PC with anti-virus software, you should similarly be proactive in protecting your website.

Daily scans


Each scan checks your website’s pages for known viruses and web malware threats to see if hackers have injected any malicious code. You’re immediately informed about any findings via our notification system so you can take action straightaway.

More than anti-virus


Hackers are experts in exploiting website vulnerabilities; even advanced firewalls, anti-spam, web-access filtering and other preventative measures are not enough to fully protect your website. SiteGuard adds an extra layer of protection unique to your website by proactively scanning your HTML and reporting back to you. If you’re looking for even more protection, take a look at StopTheHacker.